Special Designated License Application

UserIcon Applicant Instructions

Applications must be filed a MINIMUM of ten (10) business days prior to date of event. The application will be rejected if the date is not acceptable. (weekends, holidays & date of event are not included in this count).
*See the calendar on our website at: LCC Calendar

The fee for this license is $40 per calendar day of event. If you have a catering (K) endorsement on your liquor license, there is no fee required. Payment will be made online at the end of this application.

  • Non retail liquor caterers & Non-profits are only allowed six (6) SDLs per calendar year
  • Only twelve (12) SDLs will be issued at any specific location that could otherwise hold a liquor license
  • No SDL will be issued to Retail license holders operating under a Temporary Operating Permit (TOP)

Local approval must be obtained before application is filed. You will be able to upload this information at the beginning of the application.

When requesting an outdoor area, you must include a box-type diagram of the area to be licensed. You will be able to submit this information via an attachment within this application. If applicable, Non-profits may also request the exemption of the double fencing waiver at this time.

After approval, the license will be mailed to the local governing body where approval originated.