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Welcome to the Citizenship Verification Portal for the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance (NDBF).

NDBF is required to verify the immigration status of all persons receiving professional licenses. This includes all agents and/or investment adviser representatives.

Every broker-dealer and/or investment adviser who registers agents or investment adviser representatives in Nebraska must verify the citizenship and immigration status of each individual registered in Nebraska.

To access the portal, you will need to use your firm's unique temporary user name and CRD number.

You should have received a notification letter from the Department of the temporary user name. Your temporary user name is valid for 30 days. Dually registered investment advisers and broker-dealers will receive two temporary user names.

If you receive a Firm Search Error, check to see that you have correctly entered your temporary user name or that it is not expired.

If you require a new user name, please contact the Department at dob.403@nebraska.gov or (402) 471-3445.

Additional instructions and frequently asked questions may be found at ndbf.nebraska.gov.

Verification of citizenship and immigration status is due upon receipt of the initial notification letter. Failure to verify citizenship or immigration status and submit required supporting documentation within sixty days will result in the Department taking administrative action to terminate the registration of the agent and/or investment adviser representative.