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Worker Training Grant Program

This Program is designed to support the retraining and upgrading of existing workers, currently employed in, or being trained for, high quality, long term jobs that enhance business productivity. Worker Training Grants may also be used to train new employees of expanding Nebraska businesses and to recruit out-of-state new employees.

To complete the Worker Training Program Grant application, you may upload and attach an electronic copy of any of these documents at the end of the application form:

  • Cover letter
  • Training Information
  • Provider Information
  • Subcontracting Provider Information
  • Signed Provider Contract
  •    or
  • Memorandum of Agreement
  •    or
  • Letter of Engagement
  • Budget Sheet
  • Company Drug Policy
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance Contract
  • Other Documents
Please be aware that this page of the Worker Training Grant will expire in 45 minutes. You may Save your work at any time to reset the expiration timer. If 45 minutes passes without Saving, all work entered on this page after the last Save will be deleted.

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